Buyers Guide

At our ZooZilo, we strive to provide a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers. To assist you in making informed decisions, we offer a comprehensive buyer’s guide that covers crucial aspects of the purchasing process. Our guide helps you navigate through product research, comparisons, and customer reviews, ensuring you make the best choices tailored to your needs and preferences. Furthermore, we address key factors such as quality, price, and convenience to guarantee satisfaction. Use our buyer’s guide to enhance your online shopping journey and explore the vast array of products we offer, all at your fingertips.

Seller Contact

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We advise you to reach out to the seller before purchasing your item to make sure it is still available and to inquire about its condition.

In-Person View

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We recommend doing your own inspection of the item for sale if it is local to you. If that is not possible, then we advise that you thoroughly inspect the item when it is delivered, if not already done so by the seller.

Arrange Payment Within ZooZilo

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If you choose not to use our secure third-party escrow system for your payment, ZooZilo will not be able to guarantee your safety or protection. Therefore, we recommend utilizing our escrow system to ensure that your payment is secure until the seller has delivered the item.

Product Value

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Do not depend on the seller’s links to validate a product’s worth. Make sure to conduct your own investigation and check out trustworthy appraisal sites.

Talk to Sellers on the Phone

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Beware of sellers who only communicate through email, do not allow for an in-person inspection of the item, or refuse to meet in person. If something seems off, follow your gut feeling.

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