Premium Motorcycle Jacket Construction for the Passionate Rider

Finding the ideal gift for the motorcyclist in your life just got easier with ‘The Maverick’ Leather Motorcycle Jacket. This isn’t just a piece of attire; it’s a shield of confidence, made for those who roar on two wheels.

‘The Maverick’ stands apart with its 1.1-1.2mm drum dye naked cowhide leather. The robust material not only offers unparalleled protection but also ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time. It’s a jacket that adapts to its owner, telling a story with every mile.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

With a banded collar, a sleek center zipper, and a subtle expansion of half a size for a perfect fit, this jacket promises comfort on long rides. Functional details like zippered vents for temperature regulation, a perforated action back for flexibility, and side relief zippers make it a top-tier choice for any journey.

Safety Meets Style

Dual concealed carry pockets ensure essentials are secure and accessible, while zippered sleeves and underarm gussets add to the jacket’s practical design. The inclusion of armored pockets for CE-rated armor brings peace of mind, knowing that safety isn’t sacrificed for style.

All-Season Versatility

Whether cruising in the chill of fall or the breezy nights of spring, the insulated zip-out thermal liner adjusts to seasonal needs, offering warmth when necessary. And with quality YKK zippers throughout, durability is a given.

Tailored for the Tall

For those needing extra length, ‘The Maverick’ comes in a tall version, adding two inches to the overall jacket length and sleeves, ensuring a fit that’s just right.

The Perfect Motorcycle Companion

‘The Maverick’ is more than a jacket; it’s a companion for the road. It’s the gift that will be cherished, worn, and lived in by any motorcycle enthusiast.

So, gift ‘The Maverick’ and let the leather embrace the spirit of adventure, mile after mile.