Picture this: you wake up, ready to take on the world after a great night’s sleep in the great outdoors. A new day is dawning, and animals are making noise and you are blissfully unaware in your Crua Culla™!  And it’s all thanks to the Crua Culla's™ impressive insulation. The patented TT insulation effectively blocks excess light, combats intrusive sounds, and prevents heat loss, ensuring you stay snug all night long.

The extra protection offered by the Crua Duo further enhances the Crua Culla's™ legendary blackout levels, noise reduction, and temperature regulation features. The result? You get to enjoy the best night’s sleep that you’ve had in the wild, ever. So good, that you might need to set the alarm on your phone, so you don’t miss the sunrise.

So you get 2 tents in 1. And it means you are pretty much ready for anything camping, hiking whatever the weather. 

The Crua Combo falls under our modular tent series. Deploy as is or connect three Crua Combos with the Crua Core 6-Person Modular Dome Tent to create the Crua Clan 6+ Person Modular System.

Buy the SET and SAVE today.

NOTE: The Crua Combo DOES NOT retail with an air pump. 





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  “I founded CRUA in 2015 to solve a problem that had been bugging me since my childhood. Why did tents have to be so cold, hot, bright, noisy - so uncomfortable? Why couldn’t they insulate the occupants properly? I always felt that the lack of a good night’s sleep had a negative impact on my outdoor experiences, and I was not alone. Fast forward a couple of decades, and today CRUA has supplied 20,000+ climate-regulating products into more than 100 countries - and we’re just getting started! Our team would like to welcome you to our community, where passion for the outdoors and comfort are one.” Derek O’Sullivan, Founder & CEO, CRUA
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