Make the most of your outdoor sleeping experience with this specially crafted three-season sleeping bag.

The mummy sleeping bag has fantastic dimensions that can easily fit the tallest human inside.


Crua's mummy sleeping bag’s width ensures the broadest shoulders can fit inside comfortably, to guarantee you stay warm and our shoulder baffle design has a rugged drawstring that keeps you well insulated.

Unlike many sleeping bags, the zipper will never leak heat. It uses a nylon double way auto-lock system, ensuring you won’t feel the cold.

Staying warm in harsh weather conditions is a priority, which is why we designed this sleeping bag to withstand temperatures as low as 23°f (-5°C).

When you’re camping, having a lightweight sleeping bag is essential, and that’s what the Crua mummy sleeping bag offers, not only is it super lightweight but it won’t take up much room in your backpack, which is thanks to the compression sack.

We all know camping can be a dirty experience and to make things worse sleeping bags can be notoriously hard to clean but this three-season sleeping bag is washing machine safe for your convenience.

Wherever you go camping, make sure you take this Crua sleeping bag with you for a more comfortable and restful night's sleep. 


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  “I founded CRUA in 2015 to solve a problem that had been bugging me since my childhood. Why did tents have to be so cold, hot, bright, noisy - so uncomfortable? Why couldn’t they insulate the occupants properly? I always felt that the lack of a good night’s sleep had a negative impact on my outdoor experiences, and I was not alone. Fast forward a couple of decades, and today CRUA has supplied 20,000+ climate-regulating products into more than 100 countries - and we’re just getting started! Our team would like to welcome you to our community, where passion for the outdoors and comfort are one.” Derek O’Sullivan, Founder & CEO, CRUA
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