Ultimate 3 Day Emergency Survival Backpack

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The Waterproof Tactical Backpack Bug-Out Bag is the ultimate survival kit for any emergency situation. With 30 servings of emergency food, a comprehensive 112-piece first aid kit, and other essential emergency supplies like a rechargeable lantern and a water filtration bottle, you'll have everything you need to survive. The bag is waterproof and includes a variety of food options like apple cinnamon cereal, wild rice risotto, and spicy Asian style noodles. The 4-in-1 flashlight includes a hand crank, AM/FM radio, panic alarm, and mobile phone charger. Other supplies like a mylar emergency blanket, paracord bundle, and fire starter will come in handy during any emergency. The included utensil set, portable stove, and cooking pot set will allow you to cook and prepare food easily. This bag contains a total of 148 pieces and comes with a waterproof tactical backpack.


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