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Introducing the RDX T15 NOIR FOCUS PADS, designed specifically for speed and combo drills. These focus mitts are expertly handcrafted with ConvEX Skin Combat Leather and fortified with nylon stitching, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The EVA-LUTION Foam padding provides a shock-absorbent base, guaranteeing the safety and stability of your hands and wrists during intense training sessions. The hand compartment is strategically designed with pinholes to enhance ventilation, keeping your hands cool and preventing sweat build-up. This innovative feature also minimizes the chance of bacterial growth. The focus pads are equipped with an EZ Grip Ball palm, which improves your grip for enhanced accuracy and precision. The Quick EZ hook-and-loop straps ensure a secure and budge-proof fit, allowing you to focus on your training without any distractions. Elevate your speed and combo drills with the RDX T15 NOIR FOCUS PADS, offering unparalleled comfort, performance, and reliability.


RDX Sports

A Message from the CEO

As we celebrate over two decades of excellence, I am incredibly proud of our journey, transforming from a passionate idea to one of the top names in the global combat sports and fitness industry. Our commitment to providing top-quality, innovative sports and fitness gear has helped athletes worldwide unleash their full potential. At RDX Sports, we believe in the power of determination, resilience, and courage – the same values that drive fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our products are designed with utmost precision, keeping comfort, safety, and performance in mind, allowing you to move with confidence and improve consistently. We take pride in our two-decades-old legacy of staying one step ahead of our competition, pushing boundaries, and embracing new technologies to deliver the best for our customers. Your trust in us keeps us driven towards continuous innovation and nurturing great customer relationships. As we step into the future, we promise to continue empowering athletes and elevating the world of combat sports and fitness. Let's keep pushing limits, breaking barriers, and conquering challenges together. With RDX Sports by your side, you can MOVE with purpose, IMPROVE with dedication, and EVOLVE into the athlete you aspire to be. Thank you for being a part of our journey. A. Sadiq CEO RDX Sports


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