Pedreque 40MM Milano Expressions Analog Watch

The Pedreque 40MM Milano Expressions Analog Watch combines timeless design with modern sophistication. Featuring an analog movement by M MILANO EXPRESSIONS, a sturdy metal case, and a comfortable vegan leather band, this watch exudes elegance. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty and part of the M-LB-Sports family, it’s a versatile accessory perfect for any attire.


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Meet the Pedreque 40MM Milano Expressions Analog Watch, a fusion of timeless design and modern sophistication. Powered by a precise analog movement from renowned manufacturer M MILANO EXPRESSIONS, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping while exuding elegance. The resilient metal case guarantees durability, ensuring the watch withstands everyday use while maintaining its visual appeal.

The vegan leather band not only provides a comfortable fit but also contributes to the sophisticated aesthetic and ethical stance of the watch. With the backing of a 1-year limited warranty, you can confidently invest in this quality accessory. As part of the M-LB-Sports family, this watch epitomizes sporty elegance and versatile design, making it an ideal finishing touch for both casual and formal attire.


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