5-in-1 Electric Razor

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The 5-in-1 Electric Razor offers a multifunctional grooming experience with its five detachable attachments. The kit includes a beard razor, sideburns or hair trimmer, facial cleansing brush, facial silicone massage brush, and nose trimmer head, allowing you to meet all your facial and body shaving, grooming, and cleansing needs. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without irritation. The razor features fast and effective precision shaving heads with 5-direction floating heads and a precision double-blade. Its 4D rotary design automatically adapts to the contours of your face, neck, and jaw for a comfortable and protective shave. The IPX6 waterproof feature allows safe use in the shower, and the detachable and washable head makes cleaning easy under the faucet.

The razor's easy-to-hold design includes a 4-ring cutter net for increased contact area and improved shaving efficiency. The stainless steel blades are durable and the 5W strong power ensures low noise operation. The razor also includes a smart anti-pinch beard feature to prevent motor overload. With its beautiful modern design, the 5-in-1 Electric Razor makes an ideal gift for fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and sons. The specifications include ABS material, 2.4V 1A charge voltage, 2-hour fast charging time, 60-minute usage time, IPX6 waterproof level, and a compact size of 966 cm. The package includes various attachments and accessories such as a USB cable, protective covers, combs of different lengths, cleaning brushes, and a brochure with usage instructions in English. Note: It is important to read the user pamphlet carefully before using the razor to avoid any misuse or potential injury.


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