Live Pay

Upgrade your payment options now with the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget! Quickly integrate Crypto Pay Buttons into your WooCommerce Site. Don’t wait – begin using the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget immediately!

Increase your payment options!

How To Use This

After you have completed the registration process for your account, you are able to embed the button onto your website. Customers who pay with Bitcoin will have access to the application, and the price listed will be fixed for a specified duration.

How To Set Up The Pay Now Widget:

The Pay Now Widget can be set up with ease and speed. After verifying your account, you will gain access to the Widget in Settings. At that location, you can configure your widget with all the necessary information to begin getting Bitcoin and Crypto payments quickly and securely.

SpartaPayIQ Settings

How To Complete The Transaction:

  • With Bitcoin Wallet
  • Sending Bitcoin to your designated address
  • Scanning a QR Code

Ready to Embrace The Future of Digital Currency?

Enhance your WooCommerce site with the SpartaPayIQ™ Live Pay WordPress Widget and add Crypto Pay Buttons!